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    2014 Legal Job Market Overview, Part 11—Hot Practice Area 7—Economic Development Law

    Every state and municipality in the United States is engaged in a fierce competition to attract and/or retain businesses.  The economic development universe consists of more than 2,000 organizations that both hire attorneys and engage outside counsel to advise and assist them in their business attraction and retention efforts.  In addition to raiding other U.S. jurisdictions for new business, globalization has expanded these efforts—and competitions—far beyond U.S. borders.

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    2014 Legal Job Market Overview, Part 10—Hot Practice Area 6—Food Safety Law

    Food safety regulation has been, for most of our history, the poor stepchild of federal regulatory concern. Within the two federal agencies that have primary responsibility for the safety of the food supply, this mission has always played second fiddle to more primary concerns.  Not anymore.  Thanks to a sweeping legislative reform of food safety regulation in 2010, food safety is about to achieve "parity," which will dramatically change the landscape for attorneys interested in jobs and careers in food safety practice.

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    2014 Legal Job Market Overview, Part 9—Hot Practice Area 5—Viticulture and Wine Law

    Fifteen years ago, there might have been 20 full-time wine law attorneys in the entire country, almost all of them practicing their craft in the small geographic area from San Francisco north to the Napa Valley and Sonoma County, California.  Not anymore.  Today, the explosion of viticulture and winemaking encompasses 211 federally-designated wine regions in 24 states and climbing.  Along with this exponential growth comes new job and career options for legal/wine connoisseurs interested in a practice that combines general legal knowledge with esoterica unique to this most pleasant legal endeavor.

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